WOOL 2018 // Urban Art Festival
Graphic Identity
WOOL was the first urban art festival in Portugal, Covilhã in 2011.
The name tells it all. A city best known by its wool industry, welcomes 
every year an hand full of artists that are inspired by it history.
years later, in 2018, I've been invited to develop the graphic identity
of the current edition and I've decided to reverse the game.
Inspired by street art dynamism, colours and textures I've created
a tapestry using materials wich are produced in Covilhã. To achieve my
goal I've picked the punch needle technique. This way I could get a nice
level of detail and the necessary freedom to explore and mix different
types of wool to achieve a huge variety of texture and layers. 
Handmade Tote Bags
Collaboration between WOOL and A Avó Veio Trabalhar


Covilhã ​​​​​​​
Wool; Punch Needle.
Tapestry size
33.11x46.81 inches
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