Limited Edition
As everything is a cycle, here I am, doing the opposite path that I’ve been doing until today. 
Used to explore materials and methods to scale up traditional techniques, now it's time to 
challenge myself and merge everything that I’ve already experimented and bring it back to
a tiny and delicate scale. Even so, our individual way to look, figure out and react to what
surrounds us keep being the tricky part. It is a whole trip to understand how the human eye
perceives an image depending on the distance, light, wool thickness, size of the nails or even
a pixel 10% brighter. 
That is to say: every time you look at something, it can seem different from the last time. 
We don't see things as they are, but rather as we are. That’s why these are never-ending pieces.

Wool half-stitch on nails and wood.
28 x 11cm

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