Looking Forward
REWIND - Online Group Exhibition

When a door closes, a window always opens. It's an opportunity to deconstruct, transform and strengthen what is left behind.
There are no isolated moments. It is only possible to move forward if we look to the past, identify the needs of the present and reflect on the future.
That's how I realize that my story started almost 20 years ago. That day when my great grandmother taught me how to knit. Now, with different lines and gauges, I continue to sew the story she told me.
There is always room for a new beginning. Whether in our personal life, whether in Europe that now faces its greatest challenge.

For artwork enquiries please contact info@mistakermaker.org

It is urgent to retain this unique moment and the online group exhibition REWIND presents itself as a result of the challenge launched to a group of renowned portuguese artists, to create unique artworks, in their particular context of confinement and with naturally limited resources*, which reflect on the questions, the patterns, changes and hopes that this time and individual, European and global condition instigate.

Link to the exhibition — Until 10th June 2020
European Parliament in Portugal
Mistaker Maker
85 x 73 x 1,8 cm
Wool half stitch on acrylic and nails

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