Lisbon, Portugal

Aheneah (b.1996) is a Portuguese artist and designer. 
The improbable match happened when, during her bachelor's, she combined her design knowledge with her grandmothers’ embroidery teachings. 
Since then, her artistic journey turned into an exploration of connections between digital and analog mediums, seeking to deconstruct, decontextualize and transform a traditional technique into a modern graphic, connecting cultures, and generations.
Photography: Rute Ferraz
Projects & Festivals

Points de Vue (Basque Country, France)
Fazunchar, Onde a arte faz a festa (Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal)
Desvelarte (Santander, Spain)
Loures Arte Pública (Loures, Portugal)
Cais Urbana, 25 years of Associação CAIS (Solidarity Auction)
Francisca OAZ (Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal)
The Hood (Amadora, Portugal)

Switch-over, self initiated project (Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal)
Plano B (Porto, Portugal)
WOOL, Urban Art Festival (Covilhã, Portugal)
Village Underground Lisbon, anniversary (Lisbon, Portugal)
Video: Vasco Mendes
Press & Features

RTP — Criar.pt  (Portuguese Television Program)
Shifter  (Portuguese Online Magazine)
Designboom (Online Design Magazine)
RTP1 — Outras Histórias (Portuguese Television Program)
Rádio Observador (Portuguese Radio)
Caras Decoração (Portuguese Magazine)
Time Out Porto (Portuguese Magazine)

Parq Mag (Portuguese Magazine)
El Diario Montañés (Spanish Newspaper)
What Women Create (US Magazine)
NiT (Portuguese Online Magazine)

Photography: Mariana Vasconcelos
Workshops & Community Projects

Points de Vue (Bayonne, France)
Fazunchar (Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal)
Move 2019 (Figueira da Foz, Portugal)
Circus Network (Porto, Portugal)
Retrosaria Rosa Pomar (Lisboa, Portugal)
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